Erotic Bondage Massage at it's Best.

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Meet Vivienne Masters


My name is Vivienne Masters. I am a trained Dominant woman originally from NYC, Miami is now My home. With lovely long locks, natural feminine curves, and expressive eyes I complete My siren look.

A certified practitioner and Master trainer/educator of Bondassage®, I am also trained in Dance, Thai Massage, Ashiatsu, Stretching & Restorative Yoga. All of these practices are incorporated into my sessions. My practice is constantly changing and evolving as I continue My exploration of therapeutic touch and meditative relaxation. I am playful, creative and demanding. I've been using My innate gifts for as long as I can remember. A naturally present & passionate woman who lives in the moment, I enjoy pushing boundaries using My creativity . Currently I am the resident Bondassage provider in Miami. My private studio is located in Miami Beach.

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Booking Procedure:

Select Respectful Gentlemen Welcomed. Booking 24hrs in advance is advised. Same day appointments are infrequent & subject to an additional fee. Provide name of session, date and time you'd like to meet. Visits are an additional fee depending on location. Deposits required. Major CC's accepted. Donation is for My time and due upon arrival. My private studio is in Miami Beach.
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Blissful Massage - Elysium®

Is a gently tied session with soft, super slow, long healing strokes & just a little kink for those who want to go beyond the usual.



Social Dining

Want to extend our time together and get to know each other better ? Social dining is perfect before any session.





Is a bondage version of massage with a state-of-the-art sequence combining sensory deprivation and physical touches of sensation play. Enter a magical portal where you surrender to blissful sensory exploration and elevation. Let Me lead you to experience touch like never before, luxuriously restrained and gently bound. I'm refining and redefining your concept of relaxation.

Dominating your body with Mine, I do what I please to you. Your sole responsibility is to receive. In My sessions I find it amusing to utilize all sorts of unimaginable things to awaken your senses and keep you at the height of bliss. Submit to My touch, and other delicious tools of sensory play, in an atmosphere both acutely intense yet profoundly calm.

Bondassage sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes or longer & is a Massage-based session exploring therapeutic sensations of all kinds. New rates for experienced players looking for a more advanced session included. With much consideration, My LUXE services are by Invitation only to established clients.

500 - 90 minutes/ Advanced 650

700 - 2 hours/ Advanced 900

1100 - 3 hours/ Advanced 1300


BOND VOYEUR for Couples

For the partner who wants to watch. Witness the mysteries and euphoric secrets of Bondassage being demonstrated. Part massage/part performance. Quite a show! Clothing and bondage are optional for the observer.





This extended session is My favorite and reserved for established clients. Options are 6hrs (with breaks) over the course of an evening, or entire day (with eight hours of sleep.) Arrangements for travel also available.




Is the authentic slippery Body to Body massage provided with Nuru Gel which originated in Japan using Bondage to securely keep you on the mat. Bond Nuru is a slide massage very similar to oil Body to Body massage but even wetter!!! Shower available. Bath soak +50






Visits to Downtown, Sobe, Brickell +100
Visits to Ft Lauderdale +150, Boca +250, WPB +300